Gentian Investments

Early-stage startup financing

About Us

Gentian is an early-stage investment company founded by the Entrepreneurs Elian Kool and Gerhard Gerner.

We focus on investments in SaaS platforms, Mobile, Robotics/Drones and adjacent areas we have a passion for.


Based in Switzerland, most of our investments are in the DACH region, but with a clear focus on a global market.

We invest exclusively in enthusiastic teams, which we support with our experience as Entrepreneurs, as board member or advisor.


Who we are

Elian and Gerhard are Entrepreneurs who jointly founded Netcentric, a global leader for Customer Experience solutions in 2012. We have grown the company to 400+ employees across Europe, before selling the company to Cognizant in October 2017. During this time, Netcentric was awarded as EMEA Partner of the year by Adobe multiple times and won large multinational clients across Europe.

Elian Kool

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Elian started his career as a software engineer and worked as Architect for many large Customer Experience platforms before founding Netcentric in 2012, which he led as CEO until 2019.

Currently he focuses on a new venture,, where he builds a new way to discover wine. 


Elian serves as a member of the board with multiple of our portfolio companies (Alaya, Nomoko, Swiss Ocean Tech) and as president of Make Me Smile International (Switzerland), which supports Make Me Smile Kenya, a NGO for development collaboration, child care and help to help themselves and Make Me Smile Colombia, a fund with a focus on reforestation of formerly tropical rain forests in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Gerhard Gerner

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After studying Mathematics and Computer Science, Gerhard started his professional career in the innovation lab of a German software company. In 2000, he went to Asia and Australia to build up the local SAP support and consulting business of that same company. This experience fostered a passion for customer service, which has endured throughout his career. Gerhard returned to Germany in 2004, and focused on building content management and customer experience solutions. The majority of his work was focused on larger European enterprises, with teams based onsite and offshore.

He earned an MBA in 2006, and this enabled him to co-found Netcentric in 2012. Since this time, Gerhard has worked as COO and since 2020 as CEO, successfully guiding the company through its considerable growth.


Our Portfolio

Our investments are focuses on robotics and B2B platforms, but leaves space for other ventures, where both the founder team, the venture and the growth potential convince us.


Acodis is a machine learning based platform for intelligent document processing, allowing business experts to turn documents into structured data within seconds and without coding skills.

Ajila square.png

Ajila digitises processes with adaptive forms, contract generation and electronic signatures in creating bespoke implementations for more than 270 clients.

Gentian supported Ajila in its strategic move to capitalise the existing know-how and build Digital.Deals, a SaaS platform for experience driven forms, contracts and signatures.
Elian Kool served as a member of the board of Ajila Holding AG until Swisscom acquired a substantial stake in Ajila in December 2019.

Alaya square.png

Alaya provides innovative and measurable solutions for companies’ social responsibility and engagement program with an interactive platform.

Since January 2020, Elian Kool supports Alaya as member of the board.

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ANYbotics develops autonomous legged robot solutions to increase productivity and safety on industrial plants through the intelligent automation of inspection and maintenance. Their robot serves as a mobile data acquisition vehicle that is able to offer full plant coverage at lower cost and higher quality. 

Beekeeper square.png

Beekeeper is a workplace app that connects the non-desk workforce to operational systems and communication channels.

Bring square.png

The free app Bring! helps millions of users worldwide organize their

grocery shopping. Via smartphone, desktop, smartwatch and voice assistant users can create shopping lists for any occasion and share them with others in their household.

In September 2021, Swiss Post acquired Bring Labs! AG.

Firstbird square.png

Firstbird connects people with their vocation and companies worldwide with suitable candidates. With Firstbird, employees become brand ambassadors and referrals become your most successful recruiting channel.

Fotokite square.png

Fotokite builds a vehicle-integrated aerial camera system that provides public safety teams with mission critical situational awareness. Fotokites save team resources by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button.

Guuru square.png

Guuru turns loyal customers into experts (guuru's) to provide authentic human advice within seconds on all digital channels. Guuru’s technology manages the onboarding, certification, compensation and quality monitoring of the guurus.

KLE Restaurant square.png

KLE is the first restaurant of chef Zizi Hattab in Zurich, Switzerland. Before opening KLE in January 2020, Zizi became an experienced chef and leader at some of the best restaurants in the world, like Schloss Schauenstein, Osteria Francescana, El Celler de Can Roca and Cosme.

In February 2020, the restaurant was awarded 14 points by Gault & Millau. and in November 2020 as discovery of the year for 2021.

Merantix square.png

Merantix is a pioneering platform for commercializing AI in industry. They conceptualize, build, and scale machine learning companies through their unique incubation environment which is built on trust in their brand, technological synergies across use cases and relentless product focus.

Nomoko square.png

NOMOKO makes the world machine-readable by creating the "Mirror World". The Mirror World is a 1:1 digital replication of the world around us. The 4th industrial revolution is about connecting the physical and digital worlds. For this to happen, software needs to understand the world we live in and hence needs a machine readable world. The Mirror World will deliver this machine readable world and can therefore be seen as the world wide web of the 4th industrial revolution.

Since July 2020, Elian supports Nomoko as a member of the board (announcement).

Sunflower Square.png

Sunflower Labs makes an autonomous outdoor security system that senses and deters unwanted visitors before they’re at your door. Their elegant sensors detect motion and vibration, differentiating between people, animals, and cars. When they detect something unusual, they’ll notify you and deploy a fully autonomous drone. The drone flies directly to the scene and streams live video of what’s happening. Guided by the sensors, it follows the activity, performs a security “sweep,” and lands itself safely in its weatherproof docking station.


Swiss Ocean Tech creates the very first solution for Safe Anchoring for any ship / vessel.

AnchorGuardian will provide safety at any time during anchoring for crew and passengers by minimizing the risk of anchor dragging, immediate, fail-safe anchor dragging alarms and predicting anchor dragging.


Elian supports Swiss Ocean Tech since its seed round in 2020 as member of the board.


Tastry is a data and insights company that has invented revolutionary flavor chemistry and machine learning algorithms to predict how consumers perceive sensory-based products before they go to market. Tastry "taught a computer how to taste."

Viu square.png

VIU challenges the status quo for design, production and distribution of eyewear, offering signature eyewear with a modern twist that is both authentic and timeless.

Wingman square.png

Gentian is investing in many more Swiss early-stage startups though the Wingman Venture Fund. Wingman Venture is a fund from founders for founders, focusing on leading seed rounds, adding strategic value and providing meaningful access.

Wingtra square.png

Wingtra is a professional drone manufacturer based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company produces the VTOL WingtraOne drone, which collects high-precision aerial data for surveying and mapping applications. Since its market entry in 2017, Wingtra has partnered with more than 50 of the biggest surveying equipment dealers across the globe, such as RDO Inc. and SITECH.